Using a Webinar as a sales tool

WEBINARS have become an important sales tool. In the United States alone, 80% of businesses use webinars to connect with current as well as potential clients. They are a powerful sales tool and can make a huge difference in digital marketing. 

It is important to begin with the origins of the word “webinar,” which comes from a combination of the words “web” and “seminar.” It gives the connotation of a videoconference held directly over the internet. This powerful tool functions similarly to an in-person meeting, but the audience doesn’t share a common space – they are connected via internet, using the web to interact and share information and content

The purpose of each webinar depends on its primary objective. It could be offered free of charge or for a fee, possibly to introduce a new product/service, or simply as another way to connect with an audience. 

Advantages of using a webinar for your business

Given that the webinar is quite useful in a business’s marketing plan, it is vital that it be part of the action plan for generating sales. One of its greatest benefits is the ability to awaken interest in the user, in addition to the bonus of being able to teach clients about tools or digital products. 

Ideal for sharing valuable content

One of the most important uses for a webinar is the opportunity to share valuable content related to your business. Captivating content will likely draw potential clients into your commercial offerings, further increasing interest in your product. 

Excellent way to offer courses

Webinars can be monetized by offering courses or tutorials through videoconferences. They have many benefits as an educational tool:

  • Facilitate the process of keeping content up to date
  • Allow interaction with the audience by way of live question-and-answer sessions
  • Provide the opportunity to receive training from anywhere in the world
  • Webinars can be recorded and shared at a later date, or shared with those who were unable to “attend” the live session

Opportunity for your company to improve its reputation

The webinar is undoubtedly a fundamental tool when it comes to building a professional reputation; it gives the opportunity to properly position your business to demonstrate mastery in its niche. This translates to more credibility and trust, especially when it comes time to build relationships with clients. 

Increase sales of products or services

The ease with which a webinar can create leads makes it a tool that directly correlates with the generation of sales. If you gain a significant following and develop an effective business strategy, it will translate into an increase in sales of the products or services offered by the company. 

Know your audience

One of the most significant benefits a webinar offers is the potential to know your audience on a deeper level. You can get a feel for where the greatest opportunities lie through the registration form, and will have all the information needed on hand when it comes time to establish communication with potential clients. 

Statistical analysis

Webinars are another way to gather data for statistical analysis. Once the session is over, you’ll have access to the indexes of audience interaction. You’ll know firsthand how many of those registered actually attended the live webinar, and will be able to track which topics of conversation registered the most interaction with the audience. With such valuable information at your disposal, you’ll be able to gradually perfect your webinar so it is increasingly more attractive to the target audience. 

Savings for the client as well as your business

Attending a conference in person carries the potential to outlay a significant amount of resources (time, money, etc.). A webinar allows both your company as well as the audience to avoid these unnecessary expenses while still giving the opportunity to access the content offered. 

So? Are you ready for your first webinar?